Bridge Housing’s water charging policy has changed as of 11 April 2022.

Bridge Housing’s new water charging policy has been developed so that tenants are charged for the water they use in a fair and transparent way.

What has changed?

Bridge Housing has moved to a flat rate, weekly water charge based on the number of people living in your household. Water charges were previously based on either a percentage of your rent for some tenants, or a quarterly billing cycle for others.

Bridge Housing made this change to ensure our water charging approach is fair and equitable across our portfolio, easy to understand for our tenants and easy for our staff to communicate.

Water charges under the new policy will be equal to or less than the actual water usage.

How will I be charged?

Bridge Housing will charge for water usage weekly, along with rent charges.

The flat rate water charge is a based on the number of people living in the property and is charged weekly.

A review each year will check if any tenants have overpaid for water. If tenants have paid more than they used, they will be credited the full amount they were overcharged.

What are the flat rate water charges?

The water charge per household is as follows:

Household Size

Water Charge Per Week

1 Person


2 People


3 People


4 People + (MAX)


What happens if there are changes to my household?

If there are changes to your household, make sure you let Bridge Housing know as soon as you can. The household water charge will be adjusted. Refer to Bridge Housing's Changes to a Household Policy

What about charges for water used in common areas?

Charges for common area water usage are not included in the flat rate charges. Bridge Housing pays for the common area water usage in multi-unit properties.

How do I pay for water usage charges?

Every tenancy has a rent account and a water account. Bridge Housing recommends tenants pay their water charges fortnightly with their rent.

You can pay for water charges:

  • Using Centrepay as an automatic deduction
  • Direct bank deposit from your bank to Bridge Housing

Account name: Bridge Housing Limited

Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank

BSB: 062 212

Account number: 00904385

  • Using BPOINT online at using your tenant number and the word Water as a reference. Example: 12345Water
  • Over the phone on 8324 0800 or in person at one of our offices at Level 9, 59 Goulburn St, Sydney or Level 1, 660-664 Pittwater Road, Brookvale.


Need to know more?

Read our Water Charge Policy

Read our Water Charges Factsheet

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If you have any further questions about water charging, please call on 8324 0885 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.