Reporting emergency repairs

If there is a fire – call 000 immediately

Emergency or urgent repairs should be reported as soon as possible by calling 02 8324 0800. Emergencies include:

  • If you can smell gas
  • If there is a flood or a major leak
  • If you have had a break in or a fire and need windows/doors secured
  • If there is a serious building problem, like your ceiling has fallen in
  • If something else has happened which could endanger your life or someone else’s.

In an emergency, contact our office right away on 02 8324 0800. If it is out of office hours you will be diverted to our out of hours contact centre.


If it is not an emergency please let us know the issue by phone the next business day or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our out-of-hours (OOH) service is available for repairs that affect the immediate health, safety or security of you, your family or the property. When you call this service you will be advised if your repair is classified as an emergency or urgent.



We classify emergency and urgent repair with reference to the Residential Tenancies Act (2010) and include additional repairs and maintenance issues that we believe should be attended within 24 hours.*

Learn more about Bridge Housing’s response times to emergency and urgent repair requests

When our contractor attends your home out of hours for an emergency or urgent repair the following will happen:

  • Our contractor will aim to attend your home within the designated time frame.
  • Your home will be made safe.
  • Any subsequent works will be completed by our contractor as soon as possible (depending on the complexity) but may be delayed if further investigation is required by our contractor or Technical Officer.

Other sources of help

The following organisations may also be able to help you in an emergency:

Emergency Category / Organisation

Telephone Number


Natural Emergency


Emergency Services


State Emergency Service

132 500



 Gas leaks

 1800 676 300



 Emergencies Loss of supply, fallen wires, or other electrical emergency

13 13 88 (24 hours)




13 20 90 (24 hours)