Request for Modifications form.

The needs of a tenant or someone in their care may change as a result of illness, injury, age or disability.

When we receive a health care professional’s confirmation (Occupational Therapist or OT Report) that the needs of a tenant or someone in their care have changed we will seek to modify their property, undertake and finance the work at no cost to the tenant, where it is feasible and economically viable to do so. 

We make this commitment to significantly improve our tenants’ quality of life to enable them to live safely and independently in their homes for as long as possible, with or without support. This gives them the option of staying at home rather than living in a nursing home or other care institution.

Minor modifications, that do not require structural changes to a property, include:

  • A handheld shower set
  • Lever style taps
  • Grab rails.

Major modifications, that result in permanent and/or structural changes to a property, include:

  • Widening door ways
  • Modifying the kitchen, bathroom or laundry
  • Providing entrance and exit ramps
  • Installing hoists.

Where Bridge Housing is not the owner of the property, prior approval for the modification must be obtained from the owner. Where consent for a property modification has been declined, or a modification is deemed unfeasible or not economically viable, alternative housing options will be discussed with the tenant.


Request for Alterations form.

Alterations are works undertaken and financed by the tenant. We recognise tenants may want to make alterations to their property to make their home more comfortable.

We require all tenants to seek written consent before making any alteration to a property. We will seek to accommodate alteration requests whenever reasonable and practicable.

Where Bridge Housing is not the owner of the property prior approval for the alteration must be obtained from the owner. Where consent for an alteration has been declined by the owner, their decision is final. We will also uphold any decision made by a Council if the alteration is subject to council or other regulatory approval and/or other standards.

Please use our Alterations Application Form if you wish to make changes or improvements to your home. 

Pay TV, satellite dishes & antennas 

The installation of pay TV, satellite dishes and antennas is deemed to be an alteration to a property and you must have written permission from Bridge Housing before you sign a contract with a Pay TV service provider or agree work with a contractor to install a satellite dish or antenna.

Please contact the Repairs team on 02 8324 0800 for more information.