Bridge Housing undertakes various inspections of the properties it owns and/or manages to:

  • Ensure tenants’ homes comply with the safety and quality standards required of community housing providers under the regulatory authority.
  • Identify potential maintenance issues as part of our ongoing maintenance program.

Learn more about:

Technical Inspections

You will be contacted about the need for a technical scoping inspection of your home. Technical scoping inspections are undertaken by an independent building consultant every 3-4 years.

Property Assessment Surveys

You may be contacted about the need for a Property Assessment Survey (PAS) on your home. A PAS is a detailed inspection of the property that captures information about its safety and physical condition to inform and prioritise our ongoing maintenance program.

These inspections are carried out by Housing NSW every three years and apply to all properties except those Bridge Housing leases from the private market that are maintained by the landlord.
Typically, a PAS reports on:

  • current condition of the property 
  • location of asset amenities, such as services, schools and shops
  • safety and structural integrity issues 
  • tenancy risks such as hoarding, damage or illegal structures
  • environmental attributes such as water tanks and solar hot water systems.

Bridge Housing will notify you when your property is due for a PAS. Property inspections generally take about an hour to complete. All PAS inspectors must carry identification, which they should provide before entering your property.