Our Directors are responsible for the corporate governance of the organisation and act in the best interests of the Company. Directors operate under the Bridge Housing Governance Principles, to ensure they address their responsibilities with care and in compliance with the law. Read the Bridge Housing Constitution.

Bridge Housing has skilled-based Board with directors being able to demonstrate skills and experience in social housing management, finance, community welfare, property development and procurement, law, social policy development, accounting, asset management, information and technology, and HR management. This is consistent with Constitution and the Company’s Corporate Governance principles.

Directors are elected by members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for three years and are eligible to be directors for a maximum of nine years. Learn more about our directors.

Photo (left to right): Jill Hannaford, Graham Monk, Karen Cooper, Mark Turner, Vivienne Yu, Carolyn Scobie, Stephen Bull and Liz Forsyth.


All Bridge Housing tenants are invited to become members of Bridge Housing for the duration of their tenancy with us. For more information on becoming a member, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone the office on 02 8324 0832 or complete our Company Membership Form. (also  pdf available as a PDF (131 KB) )

Subcommittee Charters