Places People Want to Live is a multi-faceted place-making approach to the planning, design and management of communities.

Place-making capitalises on a local community's assets and potential with the intention of creating places and spaces that promote people's health, happiness, and wellbeing. Community engagement and participation are at the core of place-making.

Sth Coogee tenants

Bridge Housing's Places People Want To Live provides a clear overview of how we will work in communities, on social housing estates, and with people and built environments. It recognises that place-making and place based approaches are about working with diverse communities at the local level and that localised solutions are the best way of solving complex issues and building on community strengths.

Places People Want To Live puts people and engagement at the centre of our work and outlines the principles and processes we will use to work alongside communities.  The document provides guidance for Bridge Housing as an organisation, and for residents, applicants, staff, and the wider community to know what they can expect from Bridge Housing as place-makers, place managers, and community partners.

 Download Places People Want to Live here