Rent questions

1. How is my rent calculated?

Learn more about how your rent is calculated..

2. How can I pay my rent?

There are 3 ways you can pay your rent. You can choose the way of paying your rent that works best for you. 

Learn more about how you can pay your rent.

3. Why is my rent calculated differently to Housing NSW tenants?

Bridge Housing must include Commonwealth Rent Assistance as a requirement of the NSW Department of Community and Justices’ Charging Rent policy.

Unlike community housing tenants, Housing NSW tenants do not receive Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA) to help meet the cost of their rent. 

4. If I start working, will I be required to leave my property?

No. You must notify Bridge Housing of any changes to your income within 21 days. 

Learn more about Income Changes.

5. Why am I in arrears? I pay with Centrepay and have given you permission to change my rent.

Bridge Housing always requests that you check with Centrelink to make sure the deductions that are being made for your rent are correct and any issues are identified early. 

Tenancy questions

1. What is the difference between a leasehold and capital property?

Leasehold properties are properties that Bridge Housing leases from the private rental market. These properties are then leased to our tenants at a subsidised rent. The real estate agent is responsible for all repairs and maintenance on leasehold properties, however, Bridge Housing is responsible for organizing these with the real estate agent on your behalf.

Capital properties are properties Bridge Housing manages for the NSW Government or that we own outright. Bridge Housing is responsible for all repairs and maintenance on capital properties.

Social housing tenants in leasehold or capital properties have the same rights and responsibilities in regard to their tenancies.

2. Can I have a bigger property?

Learn more about our Allocation Policy

Learn more about Moving House.

3. What can I do about my neighbour that is causing nuisance and annoyance?

Learn more about Neighbourhood Disputes. 

4. Can I transfer properties and how?

Learn more about our Allocation policy

Learn more about Moving House.

5. Why does Bridge Housing need to inspect my property every year?

Learn more about Property Inspections.

6. Can my property be upgraded?

Learn more about our Alterations policy.

7. How long do I have to wait to have a repair undertaken?

Learn more about Response Times.

Find out how to Report a new repair issue.