Being a good neighbour

Many of Bridge Housing’s properties are close together and, like all communities, there will be a diverse range of people with different lifestyles.

Being a good neighbour means being mindful and respectful of others particularly in terms of noise, the behaviour of visitors and pets and in the use of shared areas such as parking places, laundries and gardens.

Read our Good Neighbour Factsheet

Read our Good Neighbour Policy

What you can do

If you are bothered by a neighbour’s behavior you can:

  • Consider talking to your neighbour about the issue (if you feel safe to do so): they may be unaware that their behaviour is bothering you
  • Call the Housing team on 8324 0800 to report the problem as soon as possible
  • Call the Police on 000 if their behaviour is threatening
  • Call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 if you suspect criminal activity
  • Call NSW Mental Health Triage Services on 1800 011 511 if you are worried about someone’s mental health
  • Call the Community Justice Centre on 1800 990 777 if you would like help to sort out a neighbour dispute.

How Bridge can help

Bridge will seek to establish the causes of the dispute by talking to you and, with your permission, the person who is causing your problem. We can also refer you to other sources of help and support. 

If we feel that the problem is a personal dispute between you and your neighbour, we may suggest that you both consider mediation in order to resolve the matter.

We will review any evidence to determine if there has been a breach of tenancy. Evidence needs to be factual and confirmed by independent sources.

We cannot take direct action where the problem in your neighbourhood or block of units involves criminal activity. In this case, you can report anonymously to the NSW Police Force via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Good Neighbour Initiative

The Good Neighbour Initiative aims to encourage good neighbourhood relations a to create a sense of safety and belonging for tenants, their families and household members. We do this through our Block Meetings and Good Neighbour Workshops.

Read our Good Neighbour factsheet.

Read our Good Neighbour policy

Block Meetings

Block Meetings aim to give tenants the chance to raise any issues in their block, to meet their neighbours, to exchange information about local services and programs, and to discuss positive ideas for change.

Block Meetings are usually called by a Housing Manager in any block that has 4 or more Bridge Housing tenants.

Block Meetings are not common area property inspections or maintenance audits. You can learn more about how to report a repair here.

Read our Block Meetings policy.

Read our Block Meetings factsheet.