Response process

Every repair is important to us. One of our dedicated staff will assess and assign a target time frame for each repair that will determine when you can expect our contractor or Technical Officer to visit your home.

Please do not make a follow up call to Bridge Housing before the time frame provided has expired.

Our repair categories and time frames are as follows:


Target Time frame

Emergency Repairs

4 Hours

Urgent Repairs

24 Hours

Routine Repairs 1

5 Working Days

Routine Repairs 2

21 Working Days

Planned Maintenance
(Upgrade Works)

Year Scheduled to Be Undertaken

Wherever possible, we will ensure repairs and maintenance are undertaken by our contractors at times convenient for you. We will keep you up to date on the progress of any outstanding repairs if they are delayed longer than we originally anticipated, for reasons beyond our control.

While every effort will be made to ensure our target time frames are achieved for every property under our direct management, where a third party e.g. leasehold program, is liable for repairs and maintenance or their approval is required, we will be only be able to enforce compliance in line with the Residential Tenancies Act (2010).


Emergency repairs

Bridge Housing endeavours to respond to all emergency repair requests within 4 hours of being notified by the tenant.

Learn more about what issues are classified as emergency repairs.

Urgent repairs

The following repairs are classified by Bridge Housing as urgent:




Appliance failure (total)

24 Hours

No heating, no hot water, no cooking facilities

Smoke alarm

24 Hours

Smoke alarm beeping or damaged

Bath or shower faulty
(If only sanitation unit in home)

24 Hours

No water coming from shower, bath cracked

If any of these repairs is required when our office will not be reopening within 24 hours (e.g. weekends or public holidays) please call us on 02 8324 0800.