Step 3511Bridge Housing provides homes for some of the most vulnerable people in society. We recognise that by working with high performing support partners, we can assist our applicants and tenants to access a range of services that will assist them to sustain their tenancies and reach their personal goals.

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Bridging Support: Bridge Housing’s Support Partnership Strategy provides a strategic framework for how will establish and maintain our formal support partnerships.

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The three main criteria that underpin our strategy are:

  1. A commitment to reciprocal referral pathways - we want to make sure that our tenants have access to quality services when they enter social housing and should additional assistance be required once their tenancy has been established.
  2. Targeting support providers with shared geographical and clients that match our current tenant base and future growth – while our partnerships have focussed on our historical base of the inner city, we want to build strong partnerships across our entire operating region.
  3. A demonstrated track record and commitment to working in partnership to achieve agreed tenancy outcomes – we want to clearly identify our outcomes for tenants and we want to collectively monitor the outcomes of our work.

If you are interested in working in partnership with Bridge Housing, please phone our Partnerships and Support Coordination Team on 02 8324 0838.

Our partners

Our support partners are high performing organisations focused on working collaboratively and towards common gaols. Our partners are listed alphabetically below. Click on the organisation's name to learn more.


Key Client Groups

Aboriginal Women’s and Children’s Crisis Service (AWCCS)

Aboriginal women & children, homelessness, domestic violence.


People with HIV related cognitive impairment & complex health needs.

B Miles

Women living with mental illness experiencing homelessness, or are at risk of homelessness.

Caretakers Cottage – Options Youth 

Young people 16 - 25 experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Catholic Healthcare

Homelessness, aged care.

Family Spirit (formerly Catholic Care)

Young people 17 - 25, with priority given to young people who have been in OOHC.


Young people 16 - 25 experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Mission Australia

Single men, single women & families at imminent risk of or experiencing, homelessness. Specialist support for women & children experiencing domestic & family violence, & people experiencing alcohol & other drug issues &/or other complex needs. Service operates across Northern Sydney.

Neami National

People with complex health needs & long histories of sleeping rough.

New Horizons

People living with mental illness, asylum seekers & refugees.

Red Cross - Young Parents Program

Young people 17 - 23 who are pregnant or actively parenting.

The Salvation Army                     

Single women over 18 with or without children at risk of or experiencing homelessness & adult males over 18 years experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

St Vincent De Paul NSW Support Services GHSH

Adults experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness and families with children under 16 at risk of or experiencing homelessness. 

Weave Youth and Community Services

Youth, women and children, homelessness, domestic violence.

Women’s and Girl’s Emergency Centre (WAGEC)

Women, children and young people. Women living with a mental illness who are experiencing or are at risk of  homelessness.


Individually tailored & culturally appropriate services to Aboriginal &/or Torres Strait Islander Elders within their homes & communities.

Youth off the Streets (YOTS)

Young people experiencing homelessness. 


Adults experiencing homelessness 

Women’s Community Shelters

Women and children experiencing domestic violence or homelessness.