180723 BH 025 SocialHousingSocial housing is available to people on low incomes who cannot afford to own or rent in the private market.

Bridge Housing participates in Housing Pathways, a shared access system used by public and community housing providers together, to assess clients for housing assistance and to make offers of housing.

This shared system avoids the duplication of separate waiting lists, and makes it easier, simpler and fairer to apply for housing.


 Applying for social housing

1. The general eligibility criteria for social housing are: 

  • Be 18 years of age
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia
  • Be a current resident of NSW
  • Meet the gross income threshold based on your household.

Click here to find out if you are eligible.

 2. Once you are approved for social housing you will be placed onto a waiting list. To learn more about the waiting times for social housing, click here.

3. Social Housing is available in most areas of NSW. To learn more about social housing locations, click here.

4. You can apply for social housing online or over the phone. To apply for social housing, click hereAlternatively, you can contact your nearest housing provider to apply. Find a list of housing providers near you here.

Waverley older persons social housing

On behalf of Waverley Council, Bridge Housing manage a number of housing programs aimed to support the Waverley community access safe, affordable and suitable housing.

Waverley Housing for Older People is social housing owned by Waverley Council to prioritise suitable housing for people over the age of 55 who have a connection to the Waverley Local Government Area.

Get in touch with our Pathways team on 02 8324 0890 for more information.

Are you homeless?

If you are homeless and need temporary housing and support you can contact Link2Home on 1800 152 152.

Link2Home provides information to people who are homeless 24 hours a day every day of the year. Alternatively you can visit your local housing provider for further information and advice.

If you are located on the Northern Beaches and are experiencing homelessness, you can also visit our Brookvale office for emergency assistance between the hours of 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.