SGCH, Link Wentworth and Bridge Housing in partnership with Women’s Housing Company are proud to announce the release of the Northern Sydney Social Housing Service System Coordination Plan for 2021-2024.

This is the second three-year rolling plan, which sets out our collective approach and key priorities for managing the social housing system in Northern Sydney.

The 2021-2024 plan also builds on the achievements and learnings of our work since 2018, when the Department of Communities and Justice transferred management of 4,500 public housing tenancies to these four providers across the Northern Sydney District.

A review of outcomes against the original 2018-21 plan included consultation with key partner stakeholders to identify both successes and areas for improvement. This review and a stocktake of the current environment have informed the development of the new plan.

Key priorities for stakeholders include addressing homelessness, encouraging community engagement and improved communication, furthering innovation in service delivery, catering to cultural and linguistic diversity and increasing advocacy activity.

Priority actions are structured within five key directions to improve social housing service system coordination in the Northern Sydney District, namely:

1. Coordinated responses to housing need

2. Clear communication

3. A voice for people in need

4. Innovation and service development

5. Collective advocacy to improve outcomes in Northern Sydney.

These directions support our delivery of the NSW Government priorities for the social housing service system.

We are proud of our collective achievements through the 2018-21 plan and look forward to continuing to deliver effective social housing services against the 2021-2014 strategy. 

Read the Northern Sydney Social Housing Service System Coordination Plan for 2021-2024 here.