Bridge Housing has today released its summary Strategic Plan for the next three years. 

The 2021-24 Strategic Plan is the sixth such plan developed by Bridge Housing. It builds on our success to date and guides our activities for the next three years, with an eye on our longer-term goals. 

Bridge Housing's mission is 'Improving lives through affordable homes and quality services'. Our long-term goal is to change people's lives for the better, both by increasing the supply of social and affordable housing and adopting new, improved and sustainable approaches to service delivery.

Our 2021-24 Strategic Plan identifies four strategic objectives for the future of Bridge Housing:

  • Change lives: Quality services that deliver impact and make a difference to the lives of our residents
  • Provide more homes: More affordable homes through a growing property portfolio
  • Build a sustainable future: A strong and inclusive organisation backed by engaged and skilled people
  • Influence change in the system: Leadership and advocacy that creates positive change in the housing system

Cutting across these four objectives, three themes have also been identified:

  • Growing sustainably
  • Partnering effectively
  • Leveraging technology

This Strategic Plan will be supported by annual business plans, which will contain detailed actions aligned to the strategic objectives and critical success factors set out in this plan.

"I'm pleased to share our 2021-24 Strategic Plan with our tenants, staff, partners and industry," said CEO Rebecca Pinkstone.

"Our strategic plan has been developed following extensive consultation with these key stakeholders and robust discussion amongst the executive and Board.

"We have an ambitious but achievable ten-year goal and this plan will help us reach it. We look forward to reporting on our progress over the next three years,” said Ms Pinkstone.

“The Bridge Housing Board and management engaged in an intensive planning process to develop this new Strategic Plan,” said Chairman, Mark Turner.

“We are confident that it sets the groundwork for Bridge Housing’s long-term sustainable growth,” he said.

Read our summary 2021-24 Strategic Plan here.