Welcome to Natalie Billick, who has recently joined the Bridge to Work program as our new Employment Support Coordinator.

Bridge to Work is a free service available to all Bridge Housing residents seeking help with finding employment and improving their work-readiness.

Bridge Housing has partnered with employment services provider, CoAct to provide a range of tailored services, including one-on-one support, coaching and mentoring; assistance with establishing work goals; CV preparation; help identifying appropriate skill development and study opportunities; assistance with job-hunting and interview preparation.

Natalie joins the Bridge to Work program with a wealth of experience in community liaison coordination and mentorship, in the US and Netherlands. This included providing employment resources and assistance across a wide range of roles. 

"I love working with people and I'm excited to join the Bridge to Work program," said Natalie. 

"This role gives me an opportunity to focus one-on-one with people and help them achieve their employment goals.

The Bridge to Work program first launched as a pilot in July 2018 and has been extended several times since then due to its ongoing success, including over 70 placements. A 2019 evaluation found that the program was able to place participants twice as quickly as normal job active programs, and that participants remained in their placements for almost twice as long as their job active counterparts. 

Find out more about this innovative program HERE.

Get in touch with Natalie via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 0428 240 308.