Bridge Housing celebrates and embraces Sydney’s LGBTIQ community on the eve of the 2021 Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

As a diverse and inclusive workplace and community housing organisation, we recognise the right of all LGBTIQ members of our staff, resident community and the wider community in which we operate to be treated fairly and inclusively and to be valued for who they are.

The 2021 theme RISE acknowledges the resilience of LGBTIQ people. The official Mardi Gras website says: “This past year has undoubtedly been one of unprecedented challenge and hardship. The impact of droughts, fires, floods and a global pandemic tested our spirit and resolve.”
“Our community understands the pain many people have gone through and stands alongside them in support. We know and love the power of people and communities that rise together to support others to overcome adversity and inequality. It’s time we rise together again.”

Bridge Housing has a Diversity and Inclusion Committee which guides our approach to ensuring we are a diverse, inclusive workplace and has developed policies to enshrine the rights of all our tenants and staff to live and work free of prejudice and discrimination.

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Photo: Sharon McCutcheon, Unsplash