Georgina Cook was working in a fast-paced corporate environment when she had a light bulb moment. She was helping to organise the corporate volunteering of some 11,000 Deloitte employees in Australia and PNG at 31 not-for-profit organisations.

“Working with charities made me feel that’s where I wanted to be. I wanted to do something more aligned with my values, do something for the good of the community, feel like I’m really making an impact,” she said.

Georgina is the new Executive Assistant to the Bridge Housing CEO. Two months into the role,  she believes her ability to leverage networks, build corporate partnerships and multi-task will hold her in good stead.

“I like the diversity of what we do at Bridge and the opportunity I have to learn and work across the business,” she said.

Georgina left London five years ago to “get out of the rat race” and explore the world. Australia is where she’s putting down roots: a partner, seven-month old puppy Willow and an Australian citizenship test next month are testament to that!