Rhea Smail is one of Bridge Housing’s quiet achievers. But as Management Accountant, she plays a vital role in sound financial decision-making at Bridge.

As part of the Finance and Corporate Services team, Rhea prepares both the data to report on and prepare Bridge’s annual budgets, which feeds into financial and other decisions the Management team makes. She also supports payroll and other team functions as needed.

She is passionate about initiating process improvements to ensure Bridge Housing’s financial reporting aspires to best practice. “I don’t just push the red button every day, I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve what we do,” she said.

Rhea migrated to Australia from the Philippines on her own nearly a decade ago and joined Bridge Housing in October 2017. “I like the atmosphere at Bridge: it’s much less pressured than a corporate environment. I also value the flexibility Bridge is seeking to create in the workplace to provide greater work-life balance, “ she said.

Rhea is now married and has a son, who is four years old. Her weekends are busy with family and household responsibilities including “the chores that no one else but me will do!”