New Bridge Housing Director and KPMG Global Industry Lead for Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare Liz Forsyth is used to thinking both “global” and ‘local” when grappling with the challenges of our times. 

In her work, she’s involved across the globe with delivering meaningful results through an in-depth understanding of government issues, a real-world appreciation of how the public sector works, and with global and local insight in a rapidly-changing environment. The aim is always to produce better outcomes for citizens, improving their lives and the communities in which they live. 

“Access to affordable, suitable housing is critical for people to reach their potential and is an important part of the jigsaw puzzle for assisting people who are at risk or vulnerable,” Liz says.

Liz’s global work in countries including United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand will provide insights into how other jurisdictions develop and implement their approach to housing for low income households and the role played by the non-government sector.

Her shift to a global role at KPMG two years ago permitted her to start considering a local Board position in the field she knows so well. “I’ve spent my entire career focusing on individuals and communities that are vulnerable, trying to find pathways to better lives where people achieve their potential.”

“I really like Bridge Housing’s strong focus on the tenants, working with them and putting support services around them. Bridge’s scale and size offer huge potential to create long-term sustainable growth and impact in the community housing sector.”

Liz led KPMG’s Review of Social Housing Initiative in 2012 and is also KPMG’s Global Lead for Human and Social Services, having established the Health, Ageing and Human Services practice in Australia in 2003. Prior to KPMG, Liz held senior and executive positions in the Australian and the NSW Governments.

It will be great to have your ideas and experience on the Board Liz.