The New South Wales Council of Social Services (NCOSS) has released sobering new research which shows unemployment will tip more and more people into homelessness, peaking in June 2021.

The A Wave of Disadvantage Across NSW: Impact of COVID-19 research by Equity Economics found rising unemployment will see homelessness in NSW soar 24% by June 2021, with parts of inner Sydney set to experience disproportionate increases. This equates to 9,000 more people in NSW without a secure roof over their heads.

June 2021 is when the current level of JobSeeker support from the Australian Government is scheduled to end.

The research strengthens the case for NSW Government to invest in social housing stimulus in the State Budget in 17 November. The Government has already indicated its intention to fund more social housing but not the scale of its investment.

Bridge Housing supports the campaign by our industry association, the Community Housing Industry Association of NSW (CHIA NSW), and others to secure more social housing investment in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. CHIA NSW co-sponsored the research.

Read the report here.