Bridge Housing has joined 300 organisations to sign an open letter to the Prime Minister calling on the Government to invest in social housing in this year’s Budget on 6 October.

Organised by the Everybody’s Home campaign, the final call resulted in media coverage on ABC Radio’s AM Program and Ten Network’s The Project.

“Australia can kill two birds with one stone if it directs some of the massive stimulus spending at the coming budget to social housing,” said Kate Colvin, national spokesperson of the Everybody’s Home campaign.

“The idea behind the Everybody’s Home call for a social housing construction boom is to solve two crises emerging from the COVID recession: unemployment and homelessness.”

In June, Bridge Housing co-sponsored research by SGC Economics that demonstrated the compelling economic case for social housing stimulus by the Federal Government as a COVID recovery strategy. For every dollar spent on social housing, there is a $1.30 boost to GDP.
Read the research here.