Today is national R U OK? Day. R U OK? is not just a glib campaign slogan rolled out once a year to show we are thinking about the mental health of others. It can be the start of a conversation with fellow residents, acquaintances, family and friends to help them open up when they are not coping with everyday life.

R U OK? is an even more important question in 2020 as we enter the 6th month of living with COVID-19. This year’s R U OK? Day encourages supporters to follow up with a “There’s more to say” call to action. It asks all Australians to learn what to say if someone in their life says they are not OK. By asking, listening without judgement, encouraging action and checking in, you can help someone you care about through a tough time.

If you're not OK, tell someone, and if you see someone who doesn't seem OK, don't be afraid to ask and show you care.

Sue Langley from the Langley Group hosted a very informative staff Zoom session on wellbeing for R U OK? Day. Learn more about R U OK? Day.