Bridge Housing encourages, staff, residents and our wider community to Share a Meal, Share a Story to mark Refugee Week 2020. The Week runs from Sunday 14 – Saturday 20 June.

Share a Meal, Share a Story is a community fundraising initiative of the Refugee Council of Australia. We are encouraging people to get together, share a delicious meal and share stories that help build empathy and understanding of refugee experiences.

Participants are encouraged this year to organise virtual or online events on platforms such as Zoom to keep the community safe from COVID-19.

Bridge Housing CEO John Nicolades said: “A number of our residents came to Australia as refugees or migrants. They have experienced the challenges of adapting to a new way of life in Australia, to say nothing of often overcoming traumatic experiences in their home country or on their journey here.”

“During Refugee Week we listen to their experiences, recognise their courage and celebrate the great contribution they make to our country, our community and to Bridge Housing.”

Did you know*:

  • 5 million displaced people around the world, over half of whom are children
  • 57% of all refugees comes from three countries: Afghanistan, Syria and South Sudan
  • Australians donated $25, 349,420 for UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) humanitarian relief and support in 2018.

* UNHCR Australia 2018 Annual Report