Bridge Housing’s Northern Beaches Contract Administrator Jessie Ng came to Sydney three years ago for love.

But she found much more on the Northern Beaches in an organisation she loves to work for and a beach lifestyle living in nearby Dee Why. Raised in Florida, Jessie said: “It reminds me of home! I’ve only ever lived near the beach and I really wanted that in Australia.”

Jessie worked in the repairs and maintenance area in the private real estate market before joining Bridge Housing in July last year when we took on management of 1,200 social housing tenancies on the Northern Beaches.

As Contract Manager, Jessie deals with residents, other staff and the Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) when there are issues with contractor work. “We’re a small but busy team here,” she said.

“I find Bridge a very inclusive environment. It’s an organisation that wants to do everything by the book and to keep everyone to those standards. There’s a real customer service culture and we really are trying to advocate on our tenants’ behalf to ensure we’re addressing their issues.”