Bridge Housing staff participated in the City of Sydney Street Count again this year to better understand the scale of Sydney’s homelessness problem. For the first time, we also supported the Street Count on the Northern Beaches.

Last night staff were located around the city and on the Northern Beaches to count the number of rough sleepers living in our city on any given night.The twice-yearly Street Counts aim to collect accurate and up-to-date information about the number of people sleeping rough in the local area. People occupying beds in temporary shelters and homelessness hostels are also counted.

Bridge Housing CEO John Nicolades and Board member Jill Hannaford joined staff for the Street Count in the City of Sydney while Chief Operating Officer Rebecca Pinkstone joined staff and colleagues from Community Care Northern Beaches  in our newest operating area.

John said: “Without good recent data, we have no way of knowing the extent of the homelessness problem, who is sleeping rough and where housing and support services are most needed.”

“I thank those Bridge Housing staff who gave up a night of comfort at home to experience in a very small way what homeless people live with every night. It was a great turn out from you and your family members.”

Learn more about the Street Count.

Photo: John Nicolades and Jill Hannaford