Bridge Housing’s Career Tracker Kelsey Attwood won an Academic Excellence Award at the program’s annual gala dinner in Melbourne last night.

Career Trackers is an organisation that supports young Indigenous students through tertiary education and into employment. It has just celebrated its 10th year.

Kelsey attended the event with Bridge Housing HR Manager Jenny Woolley and Regional Manager North Christina Hough.

Kelsey began working at Bridge Housing in July last year and has recently been working in the Communities Team in her second stint under the Career Trackers Internship Program introduced by Bridge Housing in 2019.

CEO John Nicolades said: “This is a fantastic honour for both Kelsey and Bridge Housing. Kelsey has shown herself to be an exceptional young woman with a strong work ethic. You are an inspiration to us all. Congratulations Kelsey.”

Photo: HR Manager Jenny Woolley, Career Tracker Kelsey Attwood and Regional Manager North Christina Hough.