Housing Manager Ray Fatafehi has been made Bridge Housing’s Stay Safe champion twice in a row!

Stay Safe is a smartphone App Bridge Housing has been using since 2012 that uses GPS and data entry to keep staff safe as they go about their tenancy management work outside the office. 

Ray got into the habit of using Stay Safe every time he made a home visit when helping to transition the Northern Beaches portfolio to Bridge Housing under the Social Housing Management Transfer program last year.

“We made 20 visits a day, four days a week for several months last year and I really wanted to support the new staff members I was working with to adopt the technology,” Ray said. 

“It does give you peace of mind to know that your colleagues will respond if you find yourself in an unsafe situation.”

Ray spent 10 months on the Northern Beaches last year but has returned to our city office to manage an Eastern Suburbs portfolio from Kensington to Matraville. “No matter where you work, the housing manager role is never easy, but it’s your team and your colleagues who get you through.”