Today is World Mental Health Day and Bridge Housing staff are marking the day with a small but important gesture to show they care about their work colleagues. 

Staff will be asked today or during the rest of Mental Health Month to approach another staff member to thank them for something special they have done, the way they care for others, or the way they do their job. 

Staff can participate in a Walk and Talk at lunchtime today to connect with each other, and we are also offering meditation sessions for our staff in late November – early December in both the Central and Brookvale offices.

World Mental Health Day this year has a focus on suicide prevention. Every 40 seconds someone loses their life to suicide. 

We encourage our residents to check in with neighbours, family and friends to see if they are doing okay and to ask for help if they need it. 

The latest Our Place tenant newsletter has a theme of Connection this issue, to engender a sense of belonging, of company, of feeling valued to soften the impact of mental ill-health.

Photo: Sarah Kingsbeer thanks Kamal Salim for “being Kamal” and returning from holidays with her warm smile.