Bridge Housing CEO John Nicolades was delighted to meet US namesakes at BRIDGE Housing Corporation in California last week to explore common approaches to delivering social and affordable housing. 

John gave a presentation on the state of housing policy, demand and supply in Australia for lower income residents to US counterparts.  He also met with Cynthia Parker, CEO of Bridge Housing Corporation, to discuss our mutual challenges and opportunities.

BRIDGE Housing Corporation was founded in 1983 to spearhead new solutions to the worsening shortage of affordable housing in San Francisco. It is one of the largest affordable housing providers and developers in the United States and California, based in San Francisco it has developed more than 17,000 homes and apartments and manages 11,000 properties in California and the Pacific Northwest.

In his presentation John highlighted the priorities for Australia:

  • A national strategyfor affordable housing linked to locations close to employment opportunities
  • A housing subsidy to meet the yield gap
  • An industry Plan for community housing sector growth
  • Strengthening affordable housing provisions in the Planning Act(s) such as inclusionaryzoning and value capture provisions.
  • Government led urban revitalisation includes the provision of affordablehousing
  • Review the efficiency and effectiveness of existing tax subsidies on impact onaffordable housing supply.

Photo: Cynthia Parker and John Nicolades