Bridge Housing’s local government partner Cumberland Council is taking a significant step towards addressing homelessness in the local area by employing a Homelessness Project Officer.

We participated in two recent forums with Council, an outcome of which was Council’s decision to employ a Homelessness Project Officer to implement its strategic response to homelessness.

Located 18 km west of the Sydney CBD, Cumberland Council has a commitment to cultural and social cohesion. The new Homelessness Project Officer will be responsible for:

  • Coordinating the implementation of key recommendations inThe State of Homelessness in Cumberland Research Report developed by Council in October 2018
  • Working with the homelessness and housing sector and other teams within Council to collaboratively implement a sector-wide action plan.

CEO John Nicolades said: “Congratulations to Cumberland Council for taking seriously this issue which impacts people in all parts of Sydney. Building internal capacity to tackle homelessness is a vital first step towards addressing it.”

Read the Cumberland Council Position Description here. 

Photo by Nick Fewings courtesy of Unsplash.