Bridge Housing has launched a beautiful video starring resident Karleen Green who, with the help of our A Bridge to Work employment program, has found a fulfilling job at Tribal Warrior Cultural Cruises. Watch the video.

Karleen wanted to work within her community and in the local area. Tribal Warrior employs Karleen as a cultural guide for 30 hours a week, teaching cruise guests traditional Indigenous crafts of weaving and painting. 

A Bridge to Work Employment Support Co-ordinator Gavin Marks said: “It was a real pleasure to make a video with our Bridge To Work participant Karleen Green and her employer Tribal Warrior.”

"We were able to take the time to really listen to what Karleen wanted to do and facilitate her finding her dream job with Tribal Warrior. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Tribal Warrior and continuing to support Karleen in her endeavours.”

CEO of Tribal Warrior Shane Phillips said “Karleen is our first person from A Bridge to Work but I hope she’s not the last person.”

The video was made in partnership with our employment partners CoAct.

Watch the video.

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