Sage Lukacs didn’t know it at the time, but his experience as a 17-year-old crew trainer at “Maccas” would hold him in good stead years later.

As Housing Manager Transition, Sage has been responsible for training and supporting Northern Beaches staff to learn the ropes at Bridge Housing in terms of the systems, policies and procedures, and facilitating team interactions with Assets, Communities and Support. He is also sharing the Bridge values and trying to foster a shared culture across the two offices.

“I really get a kick out of seeing staff go from grappling with a brand new task to having the skills and confidence to do it on their own. I try to be a mentor to them and to impart my own knowledge from having been a Housing Manager in their shoes,” he said.

Sage has been working across both offices, beginning in the city before our Brookvale office opened on 5 August. His current role will continue until early November.