Industry benchmarking of the 2019 Tenant Survey shows Bridge Housing performs highly against other community housing providers for our tenant engagement.

The Community Housing Industry Association NSW (CHIA NSW), which collates our survey findings, benchmarks each provider against other NSW providers and a group of comparable providers nationally. 

Our strongest performance against our counterparts was in the area of Tenant Engagement, with Bridge Housing achieving the highest ranking of the NSW benchmark group for:

  • Tenant Involvement at 81%
  • Listening and Acting on Tenant views at 77%, and
  • Influencing your Decision Making, where we were joint second with 67%. 

In common with other providers in the larger benchmarking group, the areas where we performed less well include Complaints KnowledgeAppeals Knowledge and Survey Response Rate. While Complaints Knowledge was the lowest scoring response from our tenants, Complaints Handling achieved a higher ranking and we were joint 3rdof the Tier 1 providers at 62%.

We will use this information and other survey findings along with feedback from our recent resident Tenant Survey Workshop to develop and deliver an Action Plan during 2019-20.

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