A strong supply of social housing is essential to addressing homelessness in Australia. So how is supply going?

At a national level, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare figures show the number of public housing dwellings managed by government has fallen from 341,378 in 2005-06 to 316,231 in 2017-18, an 8.3% decrease. 

However, other forms of social housing, predominately provided by the growing community housing sector, have nearly doubled from 67,434 in 2005-06 to 119,982 in 2017-18.

Greater Sydney has a shortfall of nearly 200,000 social and affordable properties, and an additional 117,000 properties are needed across the rest of NSW, according to the City Futures Research Centre at UNSW.

Since 2009, Bridge Housing has grown from 650 properties to 2,334 properties in 2019, more than tripling in size. This month we also took over management of a further 1,200 existing social housing properties on the Northern Beaches from the NSW Government in partnership with the Women’s Housing Company.