Bridge Housing partnered with Medimobile today to offer free flu vaccinations to staff. 

Medimobile was onsite at our Goulburn Street office to do the vaccinations. Staff can also have their flu vaccination done at their own GP or elsewhere and receive a $20 reimbursement from Bridge Housing.

CEO John Nicolades said: “This is about keeping our staff safe, healthy and productive during the winter months when the flu is most virulent. We are committed to offering a range of preventative health benefits to our staff, who are our most valuable asset.”

"The flu is most dangerous for babies and older people. Our employees are expectant parents, parents of babies and children and we work with a large number of older tenants. Vaccinations show care for yourself, your colleagues and the community, the more people who are vaccinated the better for our community."   

“I am old enough to remember children living with the impacts of polio before a universal vaccination was available in Australia. The research overwhelmingly shows that vaccinations against serious diseases can and do save lives, with minimal side effects.”

Bridge Housing has also called on staff to adopt a range of health tips to keep our workforce flu-free this winter:

  • Stay home if you are feeling unwell
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and often with soup and water for at least 10 to stop the spread of germs
  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser, if soap and water are not available 
  • Remember to cover your coughs and sneezes
  • Get the flu vaccination.

For more information see the NSW Government Influenza factsheet 

Photo: CEO John Nicolades having his flu shot today.