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Tips for your home

One of the best ways to prevent mould is to have good airflow throughout your home. Whether you’re having a shower, cooking dinner, or doing a load of laundry, an open window may make all the difference.

If you spot mould in your home, try spraying vinegar directly onto the affected area, wait for around 15 minutes, do it again and then finish off by wiping the area clean with a damp rag. Always wear gloves and a mask when cleaning mould. If the mould covers an area of one square metre or more, please call the repairs team on 02 8324 0800 (and PRESS 1 for repairs)

Condensation happens when water in the air turns into droplets on cold surfaces. It’s common when you cook, bathe, use the dryer, or even breathe!

Here are three things that can increase condensation in your home

  • Furniture too close to walls
  • Belongings against external walls create ‘cold spots’
  • Long curtains and soft furnishings restrict airflow

Here are some easy tips to stop condensation building up:

  • Open Windows – Let fresh air in!
  • Use Exhaust Fans – Turn on fans while cooking or showering.
  • Keep Furniture Away from Walls
  • Consistent Room Temperature – Warm air holds more moisture.
  • Open Windows in Wet Areas – Especially after showers or baths.
  • Cover Pots – Keep lids on when cooking.
  • Dry Clothes Outside – Avoid drying clothes inside.
  • Wipe Surfaces – Dry windows and mirrors.

Northern Beaches Council

  • Keep items one metre away from the heater.
  • Supervise children near fires and heaters.
  • Test that your smoke alarms are working.
  • Don’t sleep with electric blankets on.
  • Ensure your heater is only plugged into a wall socket not a power board.
  • Don’t overload power boards.
  • Don’t smoke inside.
  • Leave keys to locks near or in the door.
  • Keep looking when cooking.

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